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NJHSTSC was created to ensure the State’s readiness to, develop, harness, and deploy the most effective technologies available to deter or respond to the threat or terrorist attacks, by virtue of Executive Order 111, the State established the Homeland Security Technology Systems Center at New Jersey Institute of Technology. The center focuses on reducing vulnerabilities identified by state and federal government as vital to national security.

This Center is established with full-time technical and program management staff to execute its mission with focus and clarity. By its success, New Jersey assumes a role of national leadership in addressing critical problems that must be resolved if we are to preserve daily freedoms while safeguarding our people and property from terrorism. The " Center will maximize the effectiveness of dollars spent today while creating structure for continuous improvement across all aspects of domestic society that taps traditional American ingenuity and new-found spirit of public-private collaboration.

The NJ-Homeland Security Technology Systems Center is a seperate entity from the newly developed Homeland Security and Emergency Management Program at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Homeland Security Headlines

GT: Homeland Security

Charting a Path Forward -- Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff's Remarks
Summary: "The essence of Homeland Security in a nutshell is recognizing the tradeoffs and managing the risks."

FCC Establishes Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau
Summary: Provide a more efficient, effective, and responsive organizational structure to address public safety, homeland security, national security, emergency management and preparedness, disaster management and other related issues

GPS/GSM-Based Tracking Technologies Enhance Security
Summary: Real-time tracking needed for hazardous materials transporters

Trucks Register With E-Manifest Certification
Summary: The next generation of technology designed to enhance national border security and expedite lawful trade

Securing U.S. Ports
Summary: New technologies have been deployed with additional technologies being developed and $630 million has been provided in grants to our largest ports

GCN Daily Updates

DHS postpones Eagle procurements
Summary: Awards for the Homeland Security Department?s mammoth acquisition package for consolidating its IT services won?t be made until June.

Digital formats not optimal for fingerprint matching
Summary: Standardized digital formats for fingerprint minutiae don?t perform as well in matching fingerprints as do proprietary formats, according to test results from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

FCC?s new homeland security unit
Summary: The Federal Communications Commission?s new Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau will oversee disaster management, spectrum licensing for public safety agencies, 911 call centers, and alert and warning communications.

Interior hires Oberthur for HSPD-12 cards
Summary: The Interior Department has awarded Oberthur Card Systems a multiyear contract to provide smart cards for all their employees.

When money moves
Summary: Investigating agencies, such as the Treasury Department?s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and IRS-CI, use analytic software that can dig deeper and more broadly through the sea of data to discern patterns of money laundering and terror financing.

HSPD-12 Web site to post vendor products in approval queue early
Summary: The General Services Administration is tweaking an existing Web site to give agencies a preview of products being evaluated that could help them comply with the presidential mandate.

FEMA officially taps Lee as acting deputy director of operations
Summary: The Federal Emergency Management Agency officially named Deidre Lee as its new acting deputy director of operations and said she will play a key role in the agency?s procurement shop.

Federal government earns a collective D+ on FISMA scorecard
Summary: At a hearing today, a Democratic representative blasted the ?incompetence? of DOD and DHS in their efforts to secure their networks.

Skinner: Glitch exists in L-1 'computer visa' program
Summary: Congress needs to clarify the laws permitting L-1 visas, according to Homeland Security Department inspector general Richard Skinner.

Justice IG rips Sentinel?s data sharing plans
Summary: The Justice Department?s inspector general criticized the FBI for not planning to build strong information sharing capabilities into the Sentinel investigative case management system.

DOD's work in health IT among projects recognized at FOSE
Summary: The Federal Leadership Councils recognize projects in the Defense Department, Homeland Security and Enterprise pavilions for their innovation and impact on the federal government.

State hits the road with e-passports
Summary: Amid continued doubts from experts, and with only one approved technology vendor, the State Department is pressing forward with its electronic passport program.

GAO says HSPD-12 deadlines may be tough to attain
Summary: Agencies are making progress in meeting personal identification verification standards under FIPS 201, but the government still faces several hurdles in implementing many of the requirements, according to congressional watchdogs.

DHS earns poor marks from House Democrats
Summary: The Democratic report card criticizes management and several IT initiatives at the Homeland Security Department including the Secure Border Initiative, the IT-based surveillance system and network to be built along the U.S. borders.

Coast Guard taps General Dynamics unit for IT support
Summary: General Dynamics Network Systems will provide IT services required to install Small Ship Electronic Support Measures on seven Coast Guard cutters at locations throughout the United States.

Wireless networking a focal point of new Safecom requirements
Summary: Safecom's 208-page Statement of Requirements for Public Safety Wireless Communications and Interoperability addresses all manner of wireless networks, and describes network designs incorporating numerous wired and wireless components and the links among them.

DHS' top doc to lead Science and Technology Directorate
Summary: The White House announced today that President Bush intends to designate Dr. Jeffrey W. Runge to be acting undersecretary for science and technology at the Homeland Security Department.

Agencies to intensify oversight of SBI
Summary: Federal audits of the Secure Border Initiative surveillance system revealed that payments were made for goods and services never received, contracts were awarded without competitive bidding, only 50 percent of camera installations were completed, and millions of dollars were unspent.

State launches e-passports, rejects security concerns
Summary: The senior official in charge of the project said that technical issues raised recently about e-passport security would not prevent the general distribution of the documents.

Sweeping changes urged for U.S. response to emergencies
Summary: The Homeland Security Department should set up a national operations center to integrate federal agency response and give a unified view of disasters, according to recommendations made by the White House and released in a report today.

Information-sharing underlies agencies' strategies
Summary: Agencies are focusing this year and next year on ways to extract and share data through modernizing and consolidating infrastructure, as well as making better use of the information that is collected through business processes.

GSA details how HSPD-12 interoperability labs will work
Summary: The General Services Administration outlined the final step vendors must take to get products and services on an approved list for Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12.

Social Security awards contracts for HSPD-12 applications
Summary: The Social Security Administration has awarded a contract to Probaris Technologies Inc. of Philadelphia to support the agency's HSPD-12 implementation project.

OMB provides sample HSPD-12 privacy reports
Summary: OMB administrator for e-government and IT Karen Evans provided agencies with five sample documents to use as models complying with the privacy requirements before they issued new credentials.

DHS to bolster FEMA IT
Summary: Homeland Security secretary Chertoff, under pressure, refocuses agency on disaster response

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